• Introduction
    EBS, Korea Educational Broadcasting System, is a public broadcasting organization that aims to inform, educate, engage, and enlighten people for all walks of their lives. Complementing public education in Korea, EBS is dedicated to ensure accessibility and openness in education for all.


Mar. 1974 Launched Radio School

Sep. 1980 Launched “TV High School Educational Broadcasting”

Dec. 1990 Found Educational Broadcasting Services

Feb. 1995 Joined ABU

Jan. 1997 Educational Broadcasting Service Act

Aug. 1997 Launched two Satellite TV Channels (EBS+1, EBS+2)

Mar. 2000 Announced Educational Broadcasting Service Act

Dec. 2000 Launched EBS Internet Service (www.ebs.co.kr)

Nov. 2001 Launched EBS DTV (HLQL-DTV)

Apr. 2004 Launched Internet CSAT (www.ebsi.co.kr)

Aug. 2004 The 1st EBS International Documentary Festival (EIDF)

Jul. 2005 Launched EBSu DMB

Jul. 2006 Launched EBSlang (www.ebslang.co.kr)

Apr. 2007 Launched EBS English Satellite Channel

Jan. 2008 Signed MoU for Digital Multi Headquater with Gyeonggi-do

Dec. 2008 Launched EBS TV real-time broadcasting via IPTV

May. 2010 Launched Education Digital Resource Bank

Apr. 2012 Launched the world's first Dual Stream pilot service using 2D and 3D

Jul. 2012 Launched Internet EBSu (www.ebsu.co.kr)

Mar. 2013 Launched Internet EBS Math (www.ebsmath.co.kr)

Feb, 2015 Began Pilot Service for EBS2 (New Terrestrial Channel)

Sep. 2017 New Headquarter in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do

Jun. 2020 Commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of EBS