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    EBS programs have been acknowledged by various Awards and Film Festivals. Exporting its content and program format to the world over, it has been taking part in various co-production projects with other countries.

Global Partnership & Recognition

International Awards

World famous festivals and rewards have recognized documentaries and children's programs of EBS

  • Documentary <Earth, Our Only Planet> AIBD (2017)
  • Documentary <Lost Humans> WorldFest (2017)
  • Children's Program <Tell Me Bonggu II> Japan Prizes (2016)
  • Documentary <Baby on the Way> Japan Prizes (2016)
  • Documentary <Green Animal> ABU (2016)
  • Documentary <Myanmar, Ancient Mysteries Revealed> AIDB (2016)
  • Documentary <Family Shock> selected at INPUT (2015)
  • Documentary <Parasite> Sichuan TV Festival (2014)
  • Documentary <Birds of Paradise> screened at STVF (2014)

International Sales

EBS's best programs are sold and aired around the globe

  • Documentary <Qin Shi Huang, the King of Eternal Empire> Smithsonian Networks (2017)
  • Documentary <Moment> Arte, Rai3 (2017)
  • Documentary <The Roots of Mankind, A Quest for Beginnings> Lai (2016)
  • Documentary <TravelogueEarth> Hunan TV (2016)
  • Documentary <The Physics of Lights> Netflix (2015)
  • Documentary <Snakes – Secrets of Nature’s Deadliest Creaturess> Smithsonian Channel and ARTE (2015)
  • Children’s live-action program <Let’s Get Together Ding Dong Dang> CETV (2014)
  • Documentary <Myanmar, Ancient Mysteries Revealed> Smithsonian Channel (2014)
  • Documentary <The Physics of Light> PBSd (2014)
  • Documentary <Ancient Splendors of Rome> RAI, NHK and ARTE (2014)

International Coproduction

EBS works with many global partners to create meaningful and valuable programs

  • Documentary <The Best 21st Century Parents, You Can Be>(w.t.) Doordarshan and 5 others
  • Documentary <Way to School> VTV7 (2016)
  • Documentary, 4K <The Emperor's Eternal Empire> SMG (2016)
  • Documentary <Big Bang China> Hunan TV (2016)
  • Documentary <The Origin> Hanan TV (2016)
  • Documentary <Myanmar, Ancient Mysteries Revealed> MRTV4 (2014)
  • Documentary <The Life of Ghobi> MNB(2012)
  • Documentary, 3D <Ankor, the Land of Gods> TVK (2011)
  • Documentary <Ice Race> NRK (2010)
  • Documentary <Fiore and Lias> NRK (2008)
  • Animation <Friend Papie> France 5 (2008)

EBS Model Knowledge Sharing

EBS's unique educational broadcasting model is popular around the world. Many developing countries are implementing Educational Chennels to boost growth with Education

  • Cambodia Apsara TV (2017)
  • Vietnam VTV7 (2016)
  • Chile TVN (2015)
  • Colombia RTVC (2013)