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EBS, proclaimed 'the world best education specialized media group'

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EBS, proclaimed 'the world best education specialized media group'

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  • On the 21st of June, EBS held the 'Proclamation for Future Vision and 11th Anniversary Ceremony of Founding Public Corporation' at the headquarters of Dogok-dong. At this ceremony, EBS declared its vision of realizing the next-generation educational hub through the convergence of broadcasting and communication, with an aim to become ‘the world’s best education specialized media group’ in the long run. To this end, EBS has devised diverse projects including ‘Contents EBS’, ‘Digital EBS’ and ‘Smart EBS.’
  • Kwak Duk Hoon, the president & CEO of EBS, said, “The future vision of EBS is a promise that we will contribute to the development of education and is also a resolute determination that we will lead Korean education along with the public” and added, “Please look forward to the continuous change, innovation and challenge of EBS for the future well-being of Korean education.”
  • The main contents of 'EBS Future Vision' are as follows:
  • [Contents focused EBS] "Producing the world-renowned TOP contents"
  • - Adult programs for life-long education increase the variety. This broadcasting station reinforces pragmatic life-long education programs such as career coaching and foreign language education and also expands programs for the seniors, viewers and parents.
  • - As part of its leading role to produce future contents which can be used globally, this station develops Killer contents that represent EBS. Furthermore, EBS is planning to build an EBS World Network through international coproduction and intimate connection with foreign public broadcasting stations.
  • [Digital based EBS] “Realizing educational hub representing Korea in the digital era”
  • - By providing high-quality video clip service, EBS prosecutes the EDRB (Educational Digital Resource Bank: service which contributes to the stability of public education. EBS is the first broadcasting station that opened the EDRB (Educational Digital Resource Bank: service, providing clip based educational broadcast contents (approximately 5 minutes) and data retrieval.
  • [Smart-oriented EBS] “Aims to media fused organization for customers”
  • - EBS will be transforming into a more customer-friendly structure. Recently, EBS created the Department of Customer Service in the Smart Service Center by reforming its organization and reinforcing customers’ welfare. EBS created the Contents Planning Center and unified the functional aspects of Educational Broadcasting Research Institute’s R&D. Moreover, EBS executes the globalization of educational contents. In addition, EBS will produce educational contents for Korean students abroad and export the EBS model to developing countries with the use of KSP (Knowledge Sharing Program).
Complement to school education, lifelong education, and democratic development of education

2020 VISION - The world’s best educational media group

Management Goals 2017
Enhancing education for character-building and creativity / Increasing quality contents / Realizing smart services
Top Six Priorities
Leading education for future leaders
Realizing a cross-platform service system
Producing quality contents
Leading the “Korean Wave” of education worldwide
Paving the ground for next-generation broadcasting
Improving viewer services