2020 VISION To Become The World's Top Educational Media GroupQRcord

As the major educational television and radio network in Korea, the Korean Education Broadcasting System (EBS) has been making a great contribution to improve and develop lifelong and democratic education. Through its six channels, including EBS TV (ground wave), EBS FM (radio), EBS Plus 1 (high school), EBS Plus 2 (elementary and middle schools as well as vocational schools), EBS English (English education), and EBS America (the Americas), it provides diverse educational contents and strives to enhance public education and reduce private education expenses. In addition, its customized two-way e-learning systems have realized the right to equal education, thus solidifying its prestige as a public broadcasting station that specializes in education.

Moreover, its sites for elementary, middle, and high schools furnish personalized services for self-directed learning to offer innovative smart learning experiences where various broadcasting contents harmonize with smart learning environments. For the first time, the EBS clip bank systems have been built where near five-minute clip-based educational broadcasting contents are being provided to support and strengthen the already-improved quality of school education.

EBS vigorously responds to the ever-changing media environment by fostering diversified services in different media platforms, such as TV, radio, Internet, and mobile devices. It also takes the lead in the digital N-Screen industry without the restrictions of time and space.

In order to become the world’s best educational media group, all the executives and staff members of EBS continue to move forward with changes and innovation.