About EBS

Global Recognition

International Awards
World famous festivals and rewards have recognized documentaries and children’s programs of EBS.

Children’s Program <Tell Me Bonggu II>Japan Prizes (2016)
Documentary <Baby on the Way> Japan Prizes (2016)
Documentary <Green Animal> ABU (2016)
Documentary <Myanmar, Ancient Mysteries Revealed> AIDB (2016)
Documentary <Family Shock> selected at INPUT (2015)
Documentary <Parasite> Schuan TV Festival (2014)
Documentary <Birds of Paradise> screened at STVF (2014)
Children’s Program <Tell Me, Bonggu> CICFF (2014) & Asia TV Awards (2013)
Children’s Program <Fairy Tale> ABU Prizes (2012)

EBS Model Knowledge Sharing
EBS’s unique educational broadcasting model is popular around the world. Many developing countries are implementing Educational Channels to boost growth with education.
Vietnam VTV7 (2016)
Chile TVN (2015)
Colombia RTVC (2013)