About EBS

Implementation Plan

1. Leading education for future leaders

- Improving contents for character-building education
- Improving contents for education that is creative and that enhances convergence
- Developing contents for the education of future leaders

2. Realizing a cross-platform service system

- Developing plans for the management of cross-platform services
- Maximizing student convenience
- Diversifying content-based services

3. Producing quality contents

- Producing major feature contents for the global market
- Enhancing educational contents based on the life cycle
- Developing programs that are representative of EBS2

4. Leading the “Korean Wave” of education worldwide

- Pioneering strategic markets abroad
- Exporting the EBS model overseas
- Strengthening the Korean identity of Koreans living abroad

5. Paving the ground for next-generation broadcasting

- Consolidating EBS2 and the multichannel broadcasting system
- Establishing a company-wide digital infrastructure
- Developing the basis for ultra-high definition (UHD) broadcasting

6. Improving viewer services

- Strengthening communication with viewers
- Enhancing viewer satisfaction
- Increasing social contributions