[Jan. 2018] "2018 Restart EBS"


Since its start of radio broadcasting from 1974, EBS has been dedicated to complementing public education, supporting development of lifelong education and democratic education. Now that EBS has moved its office and studio to Ilsan, from the very beginning of a new year, it is trying to take another step forward to make a better world that changes are driven by education.

EBS has set three main goals, which are clarifying the identity of each channel, providing user-centered programs and platform service, and establishing the foundation for sustainable growth. For EBS 1TV, the current channel for knowledge and information, will be reinforced as a one for civic citizens, and EBS 2TV will be more focused on creative and interdisciplinary content that aim for human capital development, meeting the request of the upcoming 4th Industrial Revolution.

And there would be the ceaseless communication with viewers and users at the center of the whole restarting project. It is now trying to enhance cross media programs that are accessible through various device. What is more, the space of the EBS building will be turned into an education theme park, so that children can learn things in a more vivid way. <End>