[Dec. 2017] EBS signed MoU with the Choongnam Office of Education


EBS and Choongnam Office of Education have agreed to cooperate, by utilizing EBS content in education, involving teachers of the schools in the region to participate in producing such EBS content, providing academic and career counseling and mentoring service for students in both first and secondary education, and establishing the 충남EBS Campus.

The ultimate goal of the cooperation between EBS and Choongnam Office of Education is to foster human capital with proper capacities most required in the upcoming era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, mainly through STEAM Education, Software Education and Civic Education including that for liberal arts and media literacy.

And for the first time, an EBS Campus will be established in Hongsung region, and there students will get education on software coding. After all, the cooperation between EBS and Choongnam Office of Education is expected to positively contribute to promote education welfare for both students and parents. <End>