Great Minds: the world’s greatest intellects gather in Korea


Great Minds

- Every night, the world’s greatest intellects gather in Korea!

- The “Netflix of knowledge” created by Yuval Noah Harari, Michael Sandel, Richard Dawkins, Jared Diamond, and many others!

- To premiere on August 30th (Mon)!

- Offered for free viewing on Korean massive online course platform K-MOOC!


*Air time and date: 11:35~55 p.m., every week from Monday to Friday starting August 30, 2021, on EBS1


Every night, the world’s greatest intellects gather in Korea - “Great Minds”

Offered on National Institute for Lifelong Education’s K-MOOC platform and EBS TV

Sound-multiplex broadcast with both Korean-dubbed audio track

and lecturer voices available


The world’s greatest scholars of the generation gather in Korea every night. EBS presents its new lecture series program “Great Minds,” encompassing the fields of politics, economics, science, humanities, and others, starting August 30th.


The best-ever cast lineup in Korean cultural program history is garnering much attention. The world’s leading scholars including Yuval Noah Harari (history), Michael Sandel (political philosophy), Judith Butler (gender theory), Paul Robin Krugman (economics), Esther Duflo (economics), Joseph S. Nye Jr. (political science), Richard Dawkins (biology), Sir Paul Nurse (genetics), Robert Weinberg (medicine), John L. Hennessey (IT), Yoshua Bengio (IT), and Daniel Barenboim (music), and other leading intellects of the current generation will deliver lectures to Korean viewers. Their exceptional insight and affectionate words of advice for the Korean society will also be worthy of notice.


“Great Minds,” co-produced by the Ministry of Education, the National Institute for Lifelong Education, and EBS, is a part of the Korean Massive Online Course Platform (K-MOOC) plan and a grand-scale project of “The Wise and Discerning Viewpoints of World-Class Scholars” offered through terrestrial channels and online platforms. It was designed with the intention to actualize “knowledge democracy” and “educational revolution” in the form of the best knowledge the world has to offer, through public distribution on TV airwaves and the Internet, in an era with social class knowledge gaps widening due to COVID-19 and disinformation becoming rampant throughout social media. EBS and the National Institute for Lifelong Education concluded a mutual cooperation contract for the production and broadcast of this program.


“Great Minds” will air 5 times a week, with 1 episode per day starting August 30th (Mon) on EBS 1TV and 2TV.


To reach a wider range of general viewers, a Korean-dubbed audio track was selected as the basic setting. Furthermore, a sound-multiplex broadcast with the lecturers’ original voices will be offered to viewers who wish to hear the actual voices of the renowned intellectuals.


After its terrestrial broadcast, the program will be made available for free viewing on the Korean Massive Online Course K-MOOC. EBS will launch the global OTT platform this December and offer its scholarly lecture contents in 6 languages (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French) to the whole world. 

[Project Overview]

Program Title: “Great Minds”

Lecturers and No. of Episodes: Approximately 40 lecturers including Paul Robin Krugman / 200 episodes

Premiere Date: 2021.08.30.(Mon) ~

Air Time: EBS1TV Mon-Fri 23:35~23:55,

EBS2TV Mon-Fri 22:00~22:20

EBS1TV Mon-Fri 15:05~15:25,

EBS2TV Sat 22:15~23:55 (Comprehensive)

EBS1TV Sat 09:30~11:00 (Comprehensive)

Website: Reruns to be made available on /

Global OTT Platform: (Projected to launch on December 13, 2021)

* Listed below are lecturers - lecture subjects - air dates 

Joseph S. Nye Jr. - “Who is a True Leader?” (August 30, 2021) 

Paul Robin Krugman - “The World’s Economy Post COVID-19” (September 7, 2021) 

Richard Dawkins – “Dawkins, the Science in Me” (September 14, 2021) 

Judith Butler – “Gender Trouble” (September 21, 2021) 

Dan Ariely – “The Psychology of Money” (September 28, 2021) 

Richard E. Nisbett – “The Geography of Thought“ (October 5, 2021) 

Peter Singer – “Animal Liberation” (October 12, 2021) 

Robert Weinberg – “The Revolt of Cells, What is Cancer?” (October 19, 2021) 

Michael Sandel – “Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?”

Stephen Pinker – “Is the World Getting Worse?”

Vinod K. Aggarwal – “The U.S.-China Tech War and Korea’s Future”

Sir Paul Nurse – “What is Life?”

Yuval Noah Harari – ”The Challenges and Future of 21st Century Mankind“

John L. Hennessey – ”The Birth of the Silicon Valley“

Joseph E. LeDoux – “What is Fear?”

Daron Acemoğlu  – “Why Do Nations Fail?”