[April. 2018] EBS's award-winning programs at WorldFest Houston 2018 and screening program at INPUT 2018


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The EBS documentary <Animal Domesticatism>, produced by Producer Seo Jun and <Green Animal>, produced by Producer Sohn, have won the Special Jury Remi Awards, and the EBS News Special <The Amazons : Finding Korean Hidden Figures>, produced by YoonNyung Lee, has won the Platinum Remi Awards at WorldFest Houston 2018.

The documentary <Animal Domesticatism>, providing a new perspective of viewing livestock, takes a close look into the relationship between human beings and the domestic animals. It mainly suggests that the domesticatism is a result of mutual cooperation between the two objects, walking in the footsteps of them in various locations including Ethiopia, Mongolia, and the Ades through UHD filming equipment.


Another Special Jury Remi Awards winning program <Green Animal> sheds new light on the plant, suggesting a paradigm change to view it as the animal which behaves with strong desire and instinct. Plants of the world over have been filmed through various techniques, showing their lives in the most vivid way.


<The Amazons: Finding Korean Hidden Figures> is a report on the women who has been successfully involved in occupations that have been considered as what only men are capable of. Raising a question to the stereotype on the gender role, the production team introduces women who are accomplishing achievements at their own field.


In the meantime, a reality program <Gone Mom> produces by Yoojun Park, Gyuok Kim, Jinsu Shin, Jaeyoung Choi, Gilhyoung Chung, and Jiwon Choi has been chosen as a screening program at the INPUT 2018 Public Television Conference, which is held in Brooklyn, USA.


The program views the ‘mom’ in a brand new perspective in line with the women’s right, showing the way they pursue their dreams and life as an individual. Moms are provided with a chance to get away from their home including their duties for family, with an allowance of $1,000. While a mom spends her time freely with the money, the program shows how rest of the family gets to better understand about her, having a time without ‘mom’.