[Dec. 2017] EBS-KDI Co-Production Documentary “The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Educational Paradigm Shift”


A documentary titled “The 4th Industrial Revolution, the Educational Paradigm Shift”, was co-produced by EBS and KDI, the Korea Development Institute. As much as the upcoming era requires a brand new type of human capital with new capacities such as creativity, experts are saying that education paradigm shift is in need to foster the ones that the era and industries demand the most. The current generation should confront a circumstance that they need to compete with machines and technologies. Moreover imparting knowledge is no longer a goal for education, so there comes the need for changes of the notion of education itself including all the methodologies and policies regarding it.

The documentary consists of two parts, the first one introducing schools that have been successful at innovative education mainly through PBL, the Project Based Learning, and the second one introduces the case of Estonia and Germany, where education and industry are well linked. What is worth paying attention to is that involvement of industry in education is extremely crucial in responding to the changing demands from labor market. KDI has analyzed that the core national competency lies in the latter. After all, EBS and KDI are suggesting the way forward through this documentary not only for the future generation but also for the current one to whom lifelong learning is an inevitable challenge. <End>