[Jan. 2018] A brand new EBS animation"DdiDdiBbo DdiDdiBbo"


A new program titled “DdiDdiBbo DdiDdiBbo” is a train animation, of which the newly born baby-train DdiDdiBbo is the main character. It shows how the baby-train DdiDdiBbo solves problems and grows up as a veteran one with support from its friends Disel, SsingSsingE, Pix and Rif. Disel is a mischievous freight-train who likes to talk about it's a bit exaggerated adventure story, and SsingSsingE is the fastest express train. Pix and Rif are maintenance-trains who tow damaged ones to the repair center.

The scenery and backgrounds of their journey is delineated in a very vivid and beautiful way, so not only the children but also the parents would also be able to enjoy it as if they are actually go traveling.

Tayo will also be appearing on this animation as well- and vice versa. DdiDdiBbo DdiDdiBbo and Baby Bus Tayo share the same world as a background, and the characters of each animation will be co-starring. Children would have much fun in finding Tayo in DdiDdiBbo DdiDdiBbo and DdiDdiBbo  in Baby Bus Tayo.

It was first on air on the first day of this year, and children can meet the baby buses and trains on every Monday and Tuesday at 5:45 at EBS 1TV. <End>