[Mar.2018] The Brand New "Boni-Hani"


Starting this new year, Boni-Hani is communicating with its viewers even more closely through the newly upgraded weekly segments. Also, a huge LED monitor has been set on the stage, and an AI character inside the monitor named Moni has joined the show.

Every Monday, the segment “Cho.Dae.Hae”, which means a group that solve students’ problem, will be on air. As the name indicates, Boni and Hani run errands for elementary students who are extremely busy because of all their studies and extracurricular activities. The first task from an elementary student client was to wash a friend’s indoor shoes, and other clients have requested tasks like coming up with a daily scheduler that can be used during their winter vacation, how to apologize to a friend, and even, how to get along better with a sibling.

On Wednesday, the show's one and only call-center is opened, namely “Sisi Call Call Center”. As much as one of the most popular requests that children have for the show has always been to be able to communicate with Boni and Hani, now the two are receiving messages via Naver스쿨잼, and  make a videocall to a few of the senders.

In addition, the segment “우당탕탕경찰서” has come back as Season 4, reinforcing its mystery storyline on Tuesdays, and every Thursday, Boni and Hani compete as creators, while every Friday, children can take part in the “Talk Talk Quiz Show” via Boni Hani KR.

The program is on air at 6pm on EBS1TV everyday.