[April. 2018] The musical film "Bungaeman and the Mysterious Island" is now available on TV via VOD service


The well-made film <Bungaeman and the Mysterious Island>, which is based on the musical performance, has started VOD service. The musical had attracted more than 54 thousand people, spreading “Bungaeman fad” throughout the country.

The film <Bungaeman and the Mysterious Island> is the one that the production team and actors and actresses of the original program all took part in for the first time in Korea. After its release, it gained enormous popularity and was beloved my thousands of families who are seeking for a decent spring promenade.

Riding the wave of its popularity, the film is now being released on TV as well as movie theaters. The universal release is expected to continue the phenomenon of “Bungaeman fad”, gradually expanding its availability on KT olleh tv, SK Btv, LG U+tv, Cable TV VOD, Goolge Play, Naver N store, etc.